Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday's adventure began with a decision to not continue in my bible study group anymore. I absolutely love this group and all the people I have come to know through it. It has become very much another thing to do though. The studies we are doing are jam packed full of truths I need and want to learn. But it seems to acquire this information it takes about an hour for me to sit down and go through the lesson and not to mention meditate on it. I can't seem to find that extra time right now. If I am able to find the time I soon get interrupted and cannot concentrate during the lesson.. This was a very hard decision for me to make because I need to be in God's word and I need the ladies in the group wisdom on life. I'm hoping and praying that God will soon put in my path a study or devotional that I can use in a short amount of time and continue to apply it to my walk. Oh how will miss my old life. I know, I know this will be an adventure.

On another note I went to visit a friend, and Trinity loves to see her. Just as my friend picked her up from the car seat Trinity spit up all over herself and the new carpet. :) Leave it to the kiddo's to break someone else's house in. I winked and said get used to it. She' expecting this winter!

Mom's should never own anything new!

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  1. :( I am sad you are giving up your Bible study. God first, husband second, family third. I know, I don't get it because I am not a mom. Just pray that God will work time into your life for more time in the Word.