Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sunday Adventure

I had planned on having over this nice new couple from our church on Sunday. I was nervous for more than one reason, but mainly because they were coming over right after church. I had to prepare dinner in front of them practically. My Stove is not a newbie so I could not have an already prepared and cooked meal. I decided the menu would be grilled pork chops, and the fixing's. The last half an hour before church let out I was feeling the buzz of nerves in my stomach. It's strange to me that we can get so out of order with a simple meal. I kept thinking... would it taste good, would it take too long, what if they don't like my choice in food, etc... Weird. I should also mention the social class difference we have. He is an Oncologist, and she is a Psychologist. I mean talk about feeling like I don't belong. My husband fits in with all of his smarty pants stuff. But me? I am a stay at home mommy and a dog groomer for crying out loud. I kept telling myself that it's fine. I'm sure they are just happy being invited over.

It turns out that yes, it was fine. I did put my guests to work. Not intentionally, but she did offer to help peel potatoes. I was thankful for it too. They were very warm and delightful to be around, and strangely made me feel comfortable in MY own house.

While in the midst of preparing dinner Trinity decided to get hungry, and because I nurse her I was a little frustrated at the timing. Of course my new fond friends pulled through again by offering to feed her. I prepared a bottle and Trinity became Miss Content again.

Moving on to the fun stuff. They have a 2.5 month old and he enjoyed dinner on his moms lap. It was very entertaining to say the least. He kept saying more meat when he had a pile of it on his plate. He had a little break down over it and they started to get uncomfortable with it and apologized. I had to laugh. Kids are so unique in the timing of their absurdities. Here we are finally sitting down to a nice dinner with good conversation, and he is in distraught over having more meat. The funniest thing happened next. He reaches out to his moms plate and grabs the pork chop and just starts taking bites out of it. Here is this kid and a huge slab of meat in his hands and he is just going to town on it. He was a happy little camper after that. I made the comment of him being a real man. We laughed and his father said he had never been so proud. It was a fun moment.

Of course Trinity surprises Ryan with a extra wet diaper. He finds a puddle on his lap. I explain that I forgot to change her diaper in all the chaos. Whoops! Away Ryan goes with wet pants and a mess to clean up in Trinity's pants. He took it like a father though.

Before I became a mother I had never been peed on, vomited on, sneezed on, and so many other bodily functions released. It's almost a daily occurrence now.