Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Story time

Today was Trinity's first story time. I regret that I didn't think to bring my camera, but it is best if I wait and see if she will ever sit still at story time anyways.

Yes, that is right, she was on the go constantly. Now to be fair she was the oldest and the only one capable of running around the room. Plus she is just coming of two weeks of being sick. Sooo... The lady teacher said it's fine to let her explore, after my struggle to get her to sit in my lap. (exhale) It's all new to her. I felt a little relief from that. She did pay attention to the songs and some of they playing times. She was more interested in reading the book herself then have the lady read it to her. Ahh so independent already!

On another note she may just be a little artist. She was very much into the painted room in the wall. She took her finger and traced the lines of the flowers and such. I observed her go back and examine the wall over and over again. I would have to say that is what held her attention the most.

Well we shall see how the following weeks go. I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to see her progress and actually sit down!

Friday, January 29, 2010

sick times

Well our family has been through a rough week. My lovely daughter managed to get pneumonia, and I managed to follow suit. Well not the pneumonia but the sick part. Being 13 weeks Pregnant did not help matters. I was miserable, plus concerned for Trinity's well being. At almost 100% today I am going to try and take some me time and scrapbook. Before I do that I will post some pictures of the fun we still managed to have while being sick.