Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wake up Parents

Why would anyone think this is okay for a7th grader to read? This is very disturbing to me. Please read this article if you are concerned about what is going on in their schools. I feel it is very important to get this out so that parents can be more aware of what they are putting onto your childrens hands for educational purposes.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

What happens when ahusband takes a class.

Well it's official. My husband started a new semester. I didn't know what to do with the extra couple of hours so... We went to the park. We had a swing, and strolled along the park watching everything around us. Even Abby the Corgi got involved in the fun. Take a look.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My birthday

  • This plaque reminds me of my mother!
  • But my sister said it was me. :(

My birthday came and went. I won't scare anyone with my true age. I still like to think i am young at heart. It was a weekend filled with adventure, gifts, good food, and a special package sent from my sister. Sister's and mother's are great because they always know what you want and like. My hubby and I got to eat at a really good Italian restaurant in New Buffalo MI. Right on the lake. The plan was to go out for the sunset, but it rained instead. It was still worth the dinner and the walk along the beach.


This is what I bought when
the best sister in the world
gave me money to just spend
on me!


After a season of depression, I wanted to remember that life is good. As i was explaining all my woos to my sister one day she decided it would be best to send me off on a shopping spree. I went on this wild goose chase around my area trying to find something just for me at these list of stores she gave me. With no luck because of price and out of business, i ended up at Jake's on the square. "Life is Good" I love all the stuff in there. I walked out with the cutest hat, and a great long sleeve t-shirt. Thanks sister for the adventure!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

toes in water

Little girl had the adventure of sticking her toes in the lake. She didn't like it much, but have no fear because I made sure we worked on the issue of not liking water. She is in love with palying in the water now. If she is an Aurand girl she loves the water. More to come on that.

Father day Ryan's side.

Fathers day was a long day. We made a cookout, a visit to my parents, and then a trip up to the lake. It made for an interesting day of Photo's.

Four Generations
Ryan's Step Dad collects civil war memorabilia.
Civil war cannon. It can still be fired.

Fathers day 2009
So much fun. Loving Daddy. Chasing bubbles. Playing with cousin Sophia. This was at Grandma and Grandpa Sharpee's house for a cook out. What a fun day.

Computer overload.

Abby and Trinity best of Friends. :)

I am trying to catch up with all my computer tasks. WOW! Is all I can think to say. I am truly amazed at the things I have missed out on, the reasons I NEED my computer, and all the daunting tasks to catch up on. Some of them are not a must, but I really enjoy the blogging thing. The whole time without a computer I kept thinking of ideas on blogging this and blogging that. Plus it is fun to follow other blogs too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

In my backyard

Just a few things I found in my backyard. My Irises.

A very pretty Rhododendron Bush.

Abby Chewing on a stick. If she is not doing this then she is chasing chipmunks up our down spouts. It's very entertaining.

My very over grown bench. Whenever I get this done, it will be my favorite spot.

All my veggies are coming up!

This is technically in my front yard.

It's a definite challenge to get outside and work. I take Trinity with me but she now is putting grass in her mouth. She choked and vomited some up the other day. This is too bad, because she loves to be outside with me. For now it has to be when she has my undivided attention. The garden will wait for me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cousin Fun

First touch of sand.

Beach fun. Trinity was a little over due for a nap so she snuggled with dad on the blanket.

Cousin Sophia playing in the sand.

Sophia and Trinity are having so much fun growing up together. They had a lunch date and then back to the house for lot's of hugs and kisses.

Trinity's face just craps me up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mother day

Who wouldn't want to be a mom!

Well I had my first mothers day this year. I don't really know if I am supposed to feel any different or special. I don't. It was just another day. Due to the fact that my daughter is only 7 months old doesn't qualify me as a seasoned mother yet. I don't feel as though I deserve any recognition yet. It seems that those mothers that have two children, or are traveling in the teen era need the glory. I'm just taking care of my baby. Really just adjusting to the whole thing still.

We managed to spend the day at the lake house with some family. It was too cold for anything outside, but was still a relaxing scene overlooking the lake. A grill out and and some mother day gifts. It doesn't get any better than that. I ended up receiving a plant, some new stamps from hero art, and a stepping stone for my garden. I also managed to get a large Chi late from Starbucks. Thanks Ryan! Man I miss those. One of the many things I do without now as a mother. I see it as well worth the sacrifice though. It just makes it more special when I do get one. Okay I have to stop talking about it. I'm really starting to crave one now. My mind is already thinking of ways to get one tomorrow. That's terrible.

Some of my gifts
My mommy made me this card.
Isn't it cute!

Having fun with Grandma!

Last but not least. My church viewed this video of "The Mom Song". It hilarious. watch it and enjoy.


Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sunday Adventure

I had planned on having over this nice new couple from our church on Sunday. I was nervous for more than one reason, but mainly because they were coming over right after church. I had to prepare dinner in front of them practically. My Stove is not a newbie so I could not have an already prepared and cooked meal. I decided the menu would be grilled pork chops, and the fixing's. The last half an hour before church let out I was feeling the buzz of nerves in my stomach. It's strange to me that we can get so out of order with a simple meal. I kept thinking... would it taste good, would it take too long, what if they don't like my choice in food, etc... Weird. I should also mention the social class difference we have. He is an Oncologist, and she is a Psychologist. I mean talk about feeling like I don't belong. My husband fits in with all of his smarty pants stuff. But me? I am a stay at home mommy and a dog groomer for crying out loud. I kept telling myself that it's fine. I'm sure they are just happy being invited over.

It turns out that yes, it was fine. I did put my guests to work. Not intentionally, but she did offer to help peel potatoes. I was thankful for it too. They were very warm and delightful to be around, and strangely made me feel comfortable in MY own house.

While in the midst of preparing dinner Trinity decided to get hungry, and because I nurse her I was a little frustrated at the timing. Of course my new fond friends pulled through again by offering to feed her. I prepared a bottle and Trinity became Miss Content again.

Moving on to the fun stuff. They have a 2.5 month old and he enjoyed dinner on his moms lap. It was very entertaining to say the least. He kept saying more meat when he had a pile of it on his plate. He had a little break down over it and they started to get uncomfortable with it and apologized. I had to laugh. Kids are so unique in the timing of their absurdities. Here we are finally sitting down to a nice dinner with good conversation, and he is in distraught over having more meat. The funniest thing happened next. He reaches out to his moms plate and grabs the pork chop and just starts taking bites out of it. Here is this kid and a huge slab of meat in his hands and he is just going to town on it. He was a happy little camper after that. I made the comment of him being a real man. We laughed and his father said he had never been so proud. It was a fun moment.

Of course Trinity surprises Ryan with a extra wet diaper. He finds a puddle on his lap. I explain that I forgot to change her diaper in all the chaos. Whoops! Away Ryan goes with wet pants and a mess to clean up in Trinity's pants. He took it like a father though.

Before I became a mother I had never been peed on, vomited on, sneezed on, and so many other bodily functions released. It's almost a daily occurrence now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday's adventure began with a decision to not continue in my bible study group anymore. I absolutely love this group and all the people I have come to know through it. It has become very much another thing to do though. The studies we are doing are jam packed full of truths I need and want to learn. But it seems to acquire this information it takes about an hour for me to sit down and go through the lesson and not to mention meditate on it. I can't seem to find that extra time right now. If I am able to find the time I soon get interrupted and cannot concentrate during the lesson.. This was a very hard decision for me to make because I need to be in God's word and I need the ladies in the group wisdom on life. I'm hoping and praying that God will soon put in my path a study or devotional that I can use in a short amount of time and continue to apply it to my walk. Oh how will miss my old life. I know, I know this will be an adventure.

On another note I went to visit a friend, and Trinity loves to see her. Just as my friend picked her up from the car seat Trinity spit up all over herself and the new carpet. :) Leave it to the kiddo's to break someone else's house in. I winked and said get used to it. She' expecting this winter!

Mom's should never own anything new!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventure #2 Lunch with Aunt Bonnie

My Aunt called one day and wanted to take Trinity and I and another friend of mine and her daughter to lunch one day. We had a great time.

The two girls just love looking at each other.
The adventure here was of course getting us all seated accordingly. They tried to put us in a booth, but the car seat would not fit. Which is why I said IN THE Beginning I needed a high chair/ sling thinger. We had to switch tables of course. It comes with the adventure of going out to eat. Only a couple of weeks and she will be able to sit in the high chair. Yeah!
It is so nice to venture out with family and loved ones. Thank you Aunt Bonnie!
How does one come about this sort of blog? Well you take a person who has a sense for adventure you get her married, throw in a house to take care of, and a business to run, then the two become three, and you have Trinity. Trinity is my gift from above. She came here to rescue me, and I suppose she's hear to learn a few things from me too. God only knows whats in store for us. I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

This was inspired by a few people in my life. Of course my daughter, and a friend ,and sister. As I listened to a friend talk about a past trip they had done. I suddenly felt trapped, and very aware of the simple truth that I will no longer be able to embark on any new adventures. Actually, I have never done most of the adventuresome activities I dreamed of. I think that made it even worse to tolerate the bitterness that crept into my soul. I need to SEE, HEAR, TASTE, EXPERIENCE what is out there. It's in my blood! However, it is also in my blood to be the responsible, loving caring, nurturing, mother and wife that I have been called to at this time. As many of us are.... I'm torn!

As I vented to my sister, she began to explain to me that this is my adventure. Motherhood! An adventure? I guess... Everyday is different. I never know what to expect. She does grow so fast and learns so quickly. I do get to HEAR the laughter and the cries. I also get to SMELL the diapers, and TASTE the baby food when I am checking for the right temp. I do SEE the adventure when I look for it. I am a mother I get to EXPERIENCE everything my Trinity does. What an adventure.

Adventure #1

I realized today that there is adventure in every day you just have too look for it. Sometimes it's the real annoying things that you do every week. Like grocery shopping with a 6 month old when it's raining. I chose to look at that as an adventure. Would there have been a warmer sunnier day to go.... yes, but where would the fun be in that. I prefer to spend the time doing my hair, organizing my coupons, (which is an adventure all in itself), and debating in the car to wait out the rain. NA! I look at the time and the decision is made. Get the hair wet trying to keep the little one dry while lugging the carrier, purse, binder, (holds all my lists and coupons) (Another time on that!) and don't forget the trick to locking the car after you get the baby out, all in the rain/snow. It did spit some snow at us today. Luckily God did have a nice old man with a cart in the parking lot waiting on us. As I got in the doors I laughed and thought could I have even attempted the umbrella? I don't think so. It's just one more THING! By the way this is just one of the adventures of the day. Plenty more to come.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My sweet little girl. Always the center of attention. She had a great first Easter, and her dress was an ebay special. :) Never mind the un matching pinks. Here in Indiana we can't go sleeveless yet. She is just the happiest baby I have ever known. I hate to see her indulge in the real world someday. It already breaks my heart to think of the innocence that will some day be lost. Oh to have the eyes of a child again, and see everything the way God intended.
I really enjoy blogs and such. I just wish there was more time in my schedule for it. I have been trying to think up of something to write about but my mind keeps wondering into all the other issues I need to deal with. I fight the thoughts back with it's my time for me. I need to do this for my own sanity. Reflect, put things into perspective, put it on paper. I always feel better after I do this process. It's good therapy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


B- Being
U- Under
S- Satan's
Y- yoke

Being under Satan's yoke. I have been battling this for awhile now. I honestly can't come up with anything to remove from my life that would free me from being BUSY. I am sure I could spend less time on the computer but let's face it I need it. Plus in the world of living with a five month old you can get kind of lonely. Not too many talk to you on the phone any More. It's via Internet now. which is fine. I feel connected this way. Strangely enough I am connected to many who I would of never guessed I could stay in contact with. I find it fascinating.

So my business consists of ...
1. taking care of a baby
2. working from the home
3. cooking
4. cleaning (the same things over and over again) Does any one else find this annoying?
5. whenever possible home projects
6. church
7. get together
8. bible studies Attending , and soon leading one with a friend
9. choir
10. working out LOL! It doesn't look like it.
11.e-mailing, facebooking, research, Internet mombojombo....
12. wishing for more time to spend in the presence of God.
13. shopping, blah! I hate shopping. I have found that shopping online is much better. Only shipping can kill you.
14. sleeping. I will admit with my daughter I get plenty of enough sleep. I can't complain. I wish I could get up earlier to give me more time. (I would probably waste it on the computer anyway. :)
15. T.V. even though I only spend about an hour in front of it every night. I consider that pretty good. Sometimes not at all.
16. playing,, I try to do something fun, or it's all not worth it in the end.

See my list is not too bad. God just needed to create two more hours I think. :) What would you do?