Tuesday, July 14, 2009

toes in water

Little girl had the adventure of sticking her toes in the lake. She didn't like it much, but have no fear because I made sure we worked on the issue of not liking water. She is in love with palying in the water now. If she is an Aurand girl she loves the water. More to come on that.

Father day Ryan's side.

Fathers day was a long day. We made a cookout, a visit to my parents, and then a trip up to the lake. It made for an interesting day of Photo's.

Four Generations
Ryan's Step Dad collects civil war memorabilia.
Civil war cannon. It can still be fired.

Fathers day 2009
So much fun. Loving Daddy. Chasing bubbles. Playing with cousin Sophia. This was at Grandma and Grandpa Sharpee's house for a cook out. What a fun day.

Computer overload.

Abby and Trinity best of Friends. :)

I am trying to catch up with all my computer tasks. WOW! Is all I can think to say. I am truly amazed at the things I have missed out on, the reasons I NEED my computer, and all the daunting tasks to catch up on. Some of them are not a must, but I really enjoy the blogging thing. The whole time without a computer I kept thinking of ideas on blogging this and blogging that. Plus it is fun to follow other blogs too.